'De Ochtendstond' is located in the heart of Flanders' Fields.  Flax and butter brought prosperity to the city as it is today.  Unfortunately, Vladslo also bears the scars of the horrors of both world wars.  These are also visible in Diksmuide, Ypres, Nieuwpoort, ... but there is much more than that.  Enjoying the fresh air in the Flemish fields, a hike, a bike ride, what more do you want?  That is where life is still about experiencing the good life.

Tourist information, walking and cycle routes are available in the holiday home.


Some sights in the area include:


  • Deutcher Soldatenfriedhof, military WWI cemetery where you can admire the well-known grieving couple by Käthe Kollwitz.
  • Praetbos
  • Head for 'De Smesse' or the 'Wikkelaar' for a bite to eat or a drink.

Neighboring municipality Esen: the mad brewers of the Oerbier

Neighboring municipality Keiem: the cackling chicken museum


Historical monuments, IJzertoren, the Trench of Death.

Shops, bars and restaurants, boat trips, canoeing, bike rental, swimming pool, nature reserve 'de Blankaart', cycling with junctions, e.g. the Frontzate route, the old railway track of Diksmuide to Nieuwpoort.


Houthulst: the pheasant farm, childrens farm



Bellewaerde theme park:

Oostvleteren: Zonnegloed zoo